Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have NO Expectations...

Maybe it's the ungodly *teehee*hour in which I'm awake right now (3.32am) but this blog seems like an AWESOME idea!  I slept early as I had a busier than usual Saturday.  I walked in the UNCF 5k Walk for Education Charity (and it was warm, but worth it!)   I then hosted my very first Atheist Meet Up in Southfield, MI.  It was an intimate affair but thought provoking just the same.  I then stopped to get my nails done-everyone knows I wait until I have 3/4 in. of new growth and the acrylic has lifted to  the point where I  fear water will entrap and create a comfortable environment to host a fungus party on my nailbed before I take my procrastinating ass to the nail shop.  Saturdays are horrible...but whatever, my hair is now catching under the lifted acrylic.  I decided on the black laquer.  The manicurist who looked to be about 12 asked, 'you're wearing black polish in the summertime?'

blink blink

Apparently she doesn't know this woman who narrowly escaped the Jehovah's Witnesses cult, bore 2 children out of wedlock, only to come out as a lesbian, spent 5 years stripping,  later coming out as an atheist could care less about fucking rules, mores, etiquette and what not.  I felt compelled to ask, BITCH, and you are...???

Looking at her I replied,' yep.' My  nails look fabu, thank you very much ;)

I was mentally exhausted when I arrived home.  Although I already knew the answer, I came home looked at my dog Tahir and telepathically asked him-you don't REALLY have to go out and you???? He did. I took him out, he did his business and we returned home.

I passed out for the next 6 hours and here I am with a new ass blog. smh

It's funny if you think about it!

Yours in Reason,
BeautifulBlackAtheist :)


  1. I am adding you to my blog list, you beautiful, black, lesbian atheist, grandma!! So glad to see you writing!!


  2. awwwww! I wuv you!! I have shit to get off my chest, so I'll be writing for a little while! and how have YOU been?!